Make your calendar your best friend

Make a schedule that works for you with Timelight.

Everything you need to plan the day you want. All in one place.

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Upgrade your schedule

Timelight lets you plan what you're going to do and when you're going to do it in one place.

Use it for events, routines, and time blocking.

Use it to track, prioritize, and schedule tasks.

Plan your time

Spend less time planning.

Copy past events with intelligent Auto-fill, create event templates, and set up repeating events.

If plans change, adjusting your schedule is easy with multi-event move.

Plan your tasks

Keep track of everything that needs doing.

Repeating tasks, sub-tasks, reminders, due dates, smart views, bulk edit, and more.

Plan flexibly

Plan tasks for a date, time, or add them to any event. Create recurring task lists. See everything planned for the day in one place.

Organize your way

Projects and labels let you organize things however works best for you.

Review and reflect

Get insights into your schedule. See exactly how you spent your time (if you're brave enough).

Track goal progress, measure productivity, sum billable hours, or anything else you can think of.

Connect your calendars

Sync with your other calendars, 2-way or 1-way.

Features at a glance


  • Copy past events with Auto-fill: Auto-fill learns to predict suggestions as you use it
  • Repeating events
  • Event templates
  • Move multiple events at a time
  • Filter shown events
  • 1, 3, and 7-day views
  • Multiple and default event reminders
  • Sync with device calendars: import, export, or 2-way sync


  • Track deadlines with due dates
  • Star important tasks
  • Add durations to help plan
  • Break down tasks into sub-tasks
  • Multiple and default task reminders based on planned date, due date, or both
  • Repeat tasks by planned date, due date, or both
  • See all tasks planned or due soon in Upcoming
  • Move and reorder tasks by dragging
  • Edit multiple tasks at a time


  • Plan tasks for a date, date and time, or them add to any event
  • Create recurring task lists
  • Find and plan relevant tasks for an event or day with the Suggested view
  • Reschedule unfinished tasks from yesterday with one tap


  • See everything for the day at a glance
  • Manage due and overdue tasks
  • See planned tasks alongside scheduled events
  • Add new or plan existing tasks
  • Drag tasks to plan them


  • Organize events and tasks with the same set of projects and labels
  • Pick colors for projects
  • Organize projects into groups
  • Break down projects into sections
  • Filter visible events and tasks by project or labels
  • Complete sections and projects when they're finished


  • Totals for any period
  • Trends over time by day, week, or month
  • Events, tasks, or both
  • Break down by project or label
  • Tally durations or counts
  • Chart and table outputs